A contact site for all single mums and dads

Contacting each other with all kinds of problems and queries asking for advice from others who have already experienced a similar situation in their past.

"May be just chill out and have someone to talk to/contact without leaving their home using our Message Board, Classified Ads Section, Chat Room, Dating Service, Newspaper or Informative Links."

"This site is not gender specific.
All types of single parents welcome here.
Non-Single Parents Welcome As Guests."

Dear Jayne.....Agony Aunt!

Our Agony Aunt writes some awesome, well-written and very true replies in the Single Parents Club 'Weekly Newspaper'. Single Parent problems' replied to in the style known only to Agony Aunt Jayne Pickard .

She wants to hear from you!

This Month's Special Feature!

Each month we feature a website which we think you will enjoy and benefit from. Well, this is the place to look for each month! It's only a click away and you may just like what you see.......have a look at this month's special feature

Is it a single mums world?

Gareth Crossley is different to other fathers, he is 'Mum' as well as Dad to his children! It's not only Mums who get left holding the baby, read about him and his lovely family on his own private site.

Thanks to Lolly...

Our thanks to Committee Member Lolly for organising the 'Manchester' day out - Members came from as far as London...

Just for the ladies...

Janice spends an hour window shopping for a little retail therapy. This is internet shopping at it's best girls.