Join Our Team

Present your own radio show once a week from the comfort of your own home.
No need to travel to our Radio Studio.
All SETUP Software is free. All Servers are free. All Jingles are free.

You don't need to pay for slots and servers!

"This site is not gender specific.
All types of single parents welcome here.
Non-Single Parents Welcome As Guests."


If you are a UK resident you can join in the fun and broadcast live from your own home. Take phone calls from your own home. Take record requests from your own home. Take text messages from your own home.


The Open Project Franchise provides everything you need!

Training Server Available

It is important to make sure that your music and mic output levels are correct. Technical Support can also help you with your mic and voice P's and B's too. You must have a Broadband connection. For Training PORT details see DJ's Forum.

Looping means when you are trying to connect to the uplink streamer but it will not connect because another DJ is uplinking to Germany. Try and loop about 5 minutes before your show start time and your 'beeps'.

IMPORTANT: Because of the delay on the Internet Relay Servers - you must finish your show 1 minute before the ending time of your show. If your show is 4pm - 5pm You would finish at 16.59pm Either disconnect or close down your software source program.

I.T. Support

All our trainers are NVQ qualified and will help you present your show just how YOU want to.

They will listen to you broadcasting on one of our training servers and make sure the music and mic output levels are correct.

They will help you with your sound card and other technical problems and also help you with your mic and voice P's and B's too.

This expressive arts project is sponsored by SVanneste in Paris, GCrossley in the UK, and the Sponsor Banners on the sponsor page, (see menu) therefore the service to you is completely free.
Yes, FREE.

All we ask is that you keep up your 'one hour' a week slot on a regular basis.